Art Pagan Zine N 2 - review

Full page B/W written in Spanish. From Santa Cruz , Bolivia. Published between 2012 and 2013. Issue copy provided to me by Dave W. Aea zine.

Feature interviews with bands; Majesty, Luxuria De Lillith, Tortura, Sing of Evil, Verdugo, Imperium Des Tenebras, Opus Inferii, Wisdom, Inhumation, Sobibor. Historical views feature;  Historia Del Paganismo Segunda Parte, Historia Del metal, Cultura Metalera. This issue is clean and organized. The first several pages are dedicated to the history of paganism and metal. Followed by five pages of zine reviews. Amazing to see the vast number of underground publications, I counted thirty plus. The format is well written and although B/W, the text and page borders give it a more professional look than the standard form. There is also a dvd review section, demo reviews and book reviews. Is a large collection of all things metal and underground. Most enjoyable read was the interview with Luxuria De Lillith, B/M pagan band from Brazil which have been doing their brand of sound for over twelve years and have encountered several ups and downs. 
In conclusion; this zine covers a lot of ground in several formats of publictaion from Cds, dvds, and books. Its worth investigating and spending some time learning about the history of the metal scene from that region. To contact by email go to or
c/o Alex Pedraza Vargas



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