Evil Palace - Born In Darkness

Born In Darkness album released 2011 under Immortal Frost Productions. Wolfheart all music and programming. Sid all vocals and lyrics. Session "Astaroth" bass. 

Black Ritual is the first track. Sounds like a horror film of intense dramatic events. Salvation is song two, black metal in full attack. Drums are a bit mechanical in some spots but do have a good mix. Vocals are high and raspy in true B/M style. The Death Here Reigns, common title, opening is a sample - screams of agony in a pit of hell is the vision it paints. Melodic keys are inter-mixed and well executed. Elizabeth Beauty of Death,  drums sound somewhat different and the guitars became more dominant. Ghost of Dead Wood, this song features Sid on vocals. Haunting and creepy intro, thinking this might have been recorded at a different time, mix is rough. "Fuck You God", well this is a straight forward lyrically, heart beat sample an into flies sworming sound. Almost has an industrial feeling to it. Unholy War, like the dead rising from deep slumber, bass lines come to the front on this track and do clever arrangements. The final song of this release is Prophecy, chains and drone type of composition kick this one of. The track has a good build up and interesting keyboard harmonies. Overall I enjoyed this album, sometimes the drums seemed low in volume but I could still grab the creative intent being projected.
Physical publication AEA ZIne 23 



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