Astral Winter - Perdition

Astral Winter is Josh Young - Vocals, Instruments and Composition. Genre is described as Epic Melodic Black Metal. Perdition album released March 2013 under Immortal Frost Productions.

The opening track is "The Rain Falls Upon This Distant Land", acoustics set the tone and give a good impression of the production quality, clear and balanced sound. Next is "An Endless Vast Horizon", an excellent keyboard piece with very interesting and enchanting overlays. "Disappearing Into The Nights Embrace", rain background and two acoustic overlays featuring sliding style riffing. "To Destroy The Veil of Time", this track creates a deep soundscape, combining both keys and clean guitar work. I would have to say it is my favorite track so far in my listening experience on this album. Next we get "I Gaze Upon The Sky With Lifeless Eyes",  a deep meaningful title with complex acoustic rhythms to project the dark atmosphere taking place. "Shrouded In The Mist and Pale Light", this particular song reminds me of very early Anathema style of songs. Memorable and enchanting song with solid vibrance. "A Vision In The Eclipsing Moon", slightly different than the previous song. setting a sad mood and deeper harmonies. The final track is "The Pillars Of Creation Descend to Ashen Ruin", completing the journey with a title like that you know it will be epic. Keys lead the way, creating elaborate arrangements along each measure slowly introducing another acoustic piece to fit seamlessly in place and also features slight haunting vocals to tide everything together. Overall, an enjoyable instrumental adventure with many levels of exploration.
Physical publication in Aea Zine 23



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