Of Wolves - Evolve

Of Wolves is a three piece band from Chicago, IL. Formed in 2007. Their current line up is Steve, Jon & Ivan. Genre described as Punk, Metal, Hardcore/Crossover, Stoner/Doom. Evolve is their debut album. Released 2013.

The opening track is "Dead Wait", raw and aggressive. The punk element is immediately apparent. Song two is "Moot Point", one of the things I like is the tone of the bass, very dominant and punchy. The composition is simple but its a great jam, easy to headbang to and reminds me of early Agnostic Front. "No Loss for Words", I will have to say the track has a metal vibe and I hear a heavier distortion on the guitar tones. "The Man", an unexpected clean strumming discorded guitar style. Southern rock feel is my impression, this leads us into "Red Skins", heavy sludgy and crunchy riffing. I can say this song would probably get the mosh pit circle moving in a live situation. "Buffalo Nickles", a heavy bass driven track, impressive to hear solid and creative bass line arrangements. This is one of those tracks that sticks in your mind and find yourself humming along through out the day. "Shit Sandwich", clocks in at a lightning fast speed -seven seconds. Well done, if you blink once you might miss it, would really like to see that one played live. Nice title too. "Legal Lies", back to the raw punk style. This song evolves into a death 'n' roll style, then builds into a grinding speed metal ending. Most bands would have a hard time bringing all those styles together in one song but Of Wolves seem to do it very easily and in a tasteful manner. The final song on this album is "Seal The Deal", a perfect way to end this journey. Distorted bass blast in. Heavy and stomping. In your face no holds barred type of song. 

In conclusion, the band effectively merges several styles while maintaining a high level of aggression. Listeners looking for a bare bones gritty sound with sharp edge assortment of compositions should definitely investigate this album.



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