Nox Inferna Zine 3 - review

A Full page B/W publication written in Spanish from South America. Publication date 2012/2011. Copy issue number 33 of 150 provided by Dave W. of Aea zine

Feature interviews with, Werewolf, Grave Desecrator, Mandragora Zine, Abhore, Cryfemal, Muert, Orkus Traktatus, Nekromanteion, Isamu Sato, Insepulto, and Attera Totus Sankatus. This is a thick zine full of great imagery, each page with barb wire borders and skulls galore. The editorial was slightly difficult to read due to the font but I got a good sense of the efforts involved. They cover B/M, D/M and some thrash metal acts from around the world including fliers and promos from other zines from the Brazil, Bolivia area. There is a red stamp logo that appears a few times, not sure what is for, my best guess is for authentication. There are no reviews of demos/albums there are however three pages of albums and demo pictures. I enjoyed the dark and occult imagery found through out and is fitting for all its content. All the interviews are well executed and we get to know lots of information from the bands. Most are poised in the underground and are rooted hard metal-heads following their passion for aggressive music. I get the sense that none are very interested in reaching the majority, in fact, would rather stay unknown and obscure but then again it seems the theme for most of them, which is fine, because there are some true hard followers that do support their efforts including myself. I tried locating some contact info about this zine but did not come up with any. However, here are a few emails for the bands interviewed that were provided;,, and



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