Prometheus Rising - And All Returns To Ash

And All Returns To Ash, self released LP on September 17th 2013 by Prometheus Rising which is a one man project- Carwyn Marshall- Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Lyrics, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Photography and Design.

The style is described as varying styles of Black Metal/Own brand of DSBM. The first track is Empty, sample clip as an intro, a solid start with good drum sound, the vocals are pure BM style high and assaulting, good creative riffing and memorable passages. "Lost and Hopeless", clean strumming guitar and a drinking man sounds off by taking some shots. Catchy guitar piece which builds into an eerie somber sound before getting heavier. The bass lines come in nice and clear on this one. "42" is track three, the drums sound slightly different in this song, maybe recorded at a different time but not as loud or pronounce at the first two tracks, the song arrangement is great, we get a good dismal feeling and captivating composition. "And All Returns To Ash", title track, great production. Really enjoying the mix in stringed instruments, catchy and memorable keyboard passages in a climatic ending, well executed and will have to say this is my favorite track on the LP. "Nothing Worth Living For", final song, bringing all the elements together to encapsulate the journey of depressive and haunting melodies. Sixteen minutes of intensity, this song stays interesting from measure to measure. A balance of different harmonies is achieved, at times the listener may think that there is five or six musicians but is really only one and he blends all the instruments perfectly. In conclusion, I recommend this LP for fans of BM/depressed/haunted music. be sure to visit the FB site and Bandcamp page to check out previous releases; Gospels of Hate - EP, April 2010, Cruel Britannia - Demo, June 2010, The Embrace of Night - LP, April 2012, I Don't Give a Shit - Demo, November 2012, Ex Oblivione - Split (with Black Serpent Sun), March 2013, The Definition of Evil - EP, July 2013.

Prometheus Rising FB
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