Dirigiri - Dirigiri EP

Dirigiri is a three piece DM/thrash/speed metal band from San Antonio, Texas. Members include Omar Guerra/Drummer, Gene Olivarri/Guitarist, Derek Dishner/Vocal's/Bassist. This is their self titled debut EP released in early 2013.

The opening track is "Death By The hands Of An Angel", straight to the brutality, catchy riff and grinding drums to assault the senses from the moment you hit the play button. Bone Collector, this song I can imaging a huge circle pit in a live situation, it also features a memorable solo that is very pleasing to my ears and worth spinning several times. "Boiled In Blood", getting the thrash metal vibe on this particular composition. Vocals do a good interchange between lows and highs. Solid double kick work by drummer Omar Guerra through this entire album, a solid performer. "Riot", chaotic and destructive, now I hear the speed metal influence on this track, complete with a solo that will remain in my head for a long time to come. "Straight From The Grave", several bands that come to my mind as I listen, Malevolent Creation, Brutal Truth, Benediction and Dismembered. "Toilet Extermination", is the final track on this journey, the title is interesting, the song does have some punk rock elements which I enjoy. The bass lines cut through and have a solid production which add that extra dimension to all the arrangements. Overall a good way to complete the EP. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for this group in the future as their hard work is evident in the music they are projecting.




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