P.H.T.O. - Affliction EP

This is a five song EP released in 2011 under Immortal Frost Productions. The band is described as Depressive/ambient black metal. Current members are Saddy: vocals, Alrinack: Bass/back vocals, Ogmios: Guitars, Bartuk: Drums. Country of origin; France.

Affliction is the opening and title track. Slightly distorted guitar and mood setting riffing begins my journey. Once all the instruments start I get a clearer picture of expression. Solid bass sound, my guess is that it has a distortion pedal running but not cranked up, just enough to give it a thick pronounce tone. Neurasthenique, is track two. vocals style is in true BM raw form. Screams of agony. Very raw guitar, lots of open chord styles. The drums do some grinding from time to time. There is also lots of spoken word lyrics. Unfortunately I can not elaborate on them since they are all in French. Next up, we have L'Enclave, rather enjoy the way this song starts. Empty hollow feeling is projected by its content. Clean strumming, dismal tones enthrall my senses. The composition works well with the screams of pain and anguish. Fin D'une Sombre Agonie, is song number four. The production dropped big time. My best guess this was a live performance or recorder somewhere else, the volume level shot down several notches. I can still make out the song but definitely noticeable. After the first minute it picks up again, maybe it is something they intended to do but really not pleasing to my ears. Last and final song, Dansant Pour La Lune, Dance by the Moonlight is my guess in translation. Dissonant chords abound. Good mix of vocals and great bass tone. This will have to be my favorite from the entire EP. In reading their bio on Metal Archives and also on the back of the inlay, it informs the listener that their previous drummer Molasar committed suicide in conjunction with this recording. Their former release is a demo from 2009.
Publication in Aea Zine #23 




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