Eratomania - Mental Suffocation

Mental Suffocation EP released under Immortal Frost Productions in 2011 limited to 300 copies. Songs written by Eratomania (name changed Ars Veneficium) B/M from Belgium, members include Surtur - Vocals & Lyrics (2010 - present), Drums & Guitars (2010 - 2012), Sorath - Drums (2012, 2013 - present), Ronarg: Guitars. Sir Chasm: Bass.

Recorded during autumn of 2010. This EP starts of with the title song Mental Suffocation, clean guitars played in a depressive somber resonance and a slight drum march layered under to keep it all in time, this goes for about a minute then the vocals and distorted affect on the guitars begin. Staying true to its B/M nature in raw production format. Although my feeling is that the drums could have been brought up in volume by a few notches. The tracks ends in clean guitars once more but adds a change in acoustic riffing at the last measure. Lasting Days is track number two and comes in with distorted guitar work in droning style. Vocals are screams of agony and torment which fits the lyrics. Written short and are only a few paragraphs for this particular composition. The final song is Within My (B)reach, something about the opening riffs sticks with me and will say this is my favorite song from the EP. Lyrics are in full depressive mode which fit the music perfectly. Drums are up in volume for this track and give me a better perspective of the arrangements in riffs. Overall a decent EP and I can recommended it for fans of depressive B/M with raw production and dark overtones.
Publication AEA Zine 23


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