Circsena - Circsena EP

Circsena is a self released EP on September 12 2013. Genre described as post dark metal. Members are Daniel Kirchhoff - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Jens Wallis - Drums and Percussion. Origin, Norden.

The first track is Wandering Above The Trees and Moors, a flute introduces and sets the mood. Catchy riff that is easy to the ears and will stick in your mind. "The Sleeper", clean strumming on the guitar. Good tones and quality of production. Eerie yet captivating composition. This one is an instrumental and creates many paths to explore. Next up is "I Am Here", this arrangement contains early metal vibes with a somewhat BM style of vocals. Towards the last measures of this song there is female vocals that come in, surprisingly intriguing and add another dimension to the music. I would have to say this song is my favorite. It is one of those songs I found myself listening to several times. "The Age Of The Dryads Pt.1" is the final song, This song brings all the elements together and combines then perfectly to leave the listener wanting more.
Overall this was an engaging experience. At times it feels as if there were more musicians involved. Many layers of instruments create an elaborate dimension of sound. Recommended for fans of melodic, progressive metal, in the vein of Insomnium, Dark Tranquility, Nightwish and Moonsorrow.


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