Sacral Rage - Deadly Bits of Iron Fragments

Sacral Rage is a Heavy Metal, Speed Metal band from Athens, Greece. Current line up is Vaggelis F. - Drums, Marios P. - Guitar, Spuros S. - Bass, Dimitris K. - Vocals. Deadly Bits of Iron Fragments is their EP released in February 23 2013 under Eat Metal Records. 

The opening songs is "Foreshadower", eerie and malevolent start. Return Of The Dead, aggressive powerful onslaught of pure metal adrenaline. Master of a Darker Light, capturing the essence of the early years metal genre, Merciful Fate, early Judas Priest come instantly to my mind. Force to Betray, speed metal riffing and high screams abound, feeling every bit of the nostalgia with every song. "Gladiator (Nasty Savage cover)" hitting those high octaves with intensity and really doing a superb job, the band adds their own vibe for sure. This is a good choice for a cover since it fits with their style. "Burning Yearning" last song on this ride, open chords and melodic feeling before kicking in with the speed injection. This is my favorite track, its got good verses, all the high screams, thrashy solos, I feel all the compelling moments from the previous songs are brought forth here to leave the listener fully consumed in a total experience.

In conclusion, this EP is a trip back in time done in solid Heavy Metal form. Fans of early metal in the vein of Mercyful Fate, Nasty Savage, Judas Priest, early Flotsam and Jetsam and others from that genre will definitely enjoy this EP.



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