Infitar - (News) upcoming release

Infitar is an old school style DM band from Bongor Indonesia. Formed in 2010. Their current line up is; Ryan- vocals, Latif- guitar, Leonard- guitar, Chat- Bassist, Ceng- Drummer. 

The band is currently working on their upcoming debut album. One of the tracks provided for this post is the song "Merely Grow Then Die", its a rough mix but I get a good sense of what they will accomplish. One of the things I like is the vocal style. Reminds me of early Max Cavalera or Lars Goran (Entombed). The guitars has a rough distortion tone giving it a raw DM sound which is not bad, but could be brought up in volume once they complete the final mix. They provided another song which is a Vader cover "Helleluyah (God Is Dead), good solid drums and excellent vocals, impressive to hear these young guys brandishing this level of brutality. Overall a good exhibition of DM styles, grind and a tinge of thrash metal as well. This band is very ambitious and I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for them. Be sure to check out their video "Kebusukan Moral Sang Penguasa" and visit them on FB. ~Artemortifica



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