Monday, September 15, 2014

FEDRA - exclusive interview

Introducing FEDRA, Black metal band from Colombia. Members are; vocals- Darksuccubbi
Guitars-Janis, Bass and backing vocals- Ana, Drummer: Yathur-ea

1) Welcome, please give our readers a brief description of your band, when did the band begin? What country does the band reside in?

In early 2006 FEDRA was born in Bogotá Colombia from love of Metal, with the goal of exalting the role of women in the metal scene.

2) Has the band always had the same members? how did the group come together?

The band has had changes in its lineup, because of some problems with the old members of the group (commitment and time).
The founder of the group was Catherine Correa (drummer). In early 2011 Janis Gutierrez join the group (guitarist) and at the end of 2011 the band carried out auditions searching for a new lead singer and bassist. This year Carolina Araque (lead singer) and Ana Briñez (bassist and chorister) enroll the group.

3) As far as live performances, how often does the band play out? 

We play out about every 3 to 4 months.

4) What are some of the most notable concerts the band has played?

FEDRA has participated in many events in Bogota, and also in national and international level. 
-“Queen of Darkness Latin American Tour”.
-We played in Quito (Ecuador) as supporting band of Nargaroth.
-“Metal De Las Montañas” Bogotá (Colombia).

5) The band released the song "The Law Of Hell"on Reverbnation, where did you record that song? how long did it take to record that song?

The album was recorded in SoundtechStudios (Bogota-Colombia), The Law of Hell was recorded in 2 hours.

6) When it comes to writing new material, Is there one person who writes all the music or is it a collective effort?

Is a collective effort, because each of the members of the group contribute with the lyrics and the music.

7) Musically, what bands are a major influence for your group?

Our influences are Classic Black Metal bands such as Bathory, Venom and Immortal.

8) How has the Black metal community in Bogota responded since you first appeared?

The Colombian Black Metal scene is a bit sexist, so it is difficult to participate in some festivals. Furthermore, the band has been supported by many people who are interested in getting material from the band (shirts,demos,posters).

9) Fedra is promoting a new album on Youtube, can you reveal the name of the album to our readers?

At this moment we want to keep the name of the album hidden. But we are going to provide more information soon. Stay tune!

10) When is the band expected to release the new material? will it be an independent release or through a label?

The band will release the new album at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2015, through a label.

11) Will the band ever come play a show in the USA?

Yes, we will. We are talking with event organizers in USA, in order to coordinate something in the future.

12) If someone wants to book the band, promoter/label, what is the best way to get in contact with the group?

If you want to support or contact Fedra, you can get in contact with us through our E-mail: and
Also you can follow us in Facebook “fedra _oficial_” or twitter “fedrablackmetal

13) Any last words?

Thanks for the support, we hope to be soon in your country, a greeting.

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