Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Solace Of Requiem support Charity Orgs

Via Clawhammer:

Technical blackened death metal trio SOLACE OF REQUIEM has announced a partnership with various charities that help promote arts, education, music and free-thought to children in need. The band will donate 10% of all online clothing sales to one of the following - The Dreaming Zebra Foundation, Camp Quest or the International Child Art Foundation. Members of SOLACE OF REQUIEM explain in further detail in the following statement:

"It is with extreme pleasure that we can finally say that Solace Of Requiem will now be donating 10% of all online clothing sales towards three wonderful children's charities. We wanted to give our "secular" support to Science and The Arts and we are delighted to say that we have found three charities that fit that criteria perfectly. But before we tell you about the charities, we're going to tell you a little bit about how this works. Firstly, the 10% donation is non negotiable. If you buy an article of clothing from our Online Store, 10% of that money is going to one of those three charities for kids, whether you like it or not. The next thing you need to know is that when you select the size and quantity of your order, you will see an additional drop-down menu that will give you the list of three charities you have to choose from. It is your choice which of the three charities your 10% will be donated to. However, if you choose not to select one of the charities before making your purchase, your 10% will be automatically donated to our default charity. We'll tell you more about who that default is really soon. First we'd like to tell you about how the money will be handled. PayPal will not be involved in any of the transactions. However, you will have the donation accounted for on your bill and receipt from PayPal. Once every 3 months, we will tally all the numbers and make a donation to each charity accordingly. This ensures that the 10% you have donated will not be taxed on our end and the full dollar amount of your percentage will be given to the charity you have chosen.

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