Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sempiternal Dusk - Sempiternal Dusk

Sempiternal Dusk is a three piece band from Portland, OR. Genre is described as Death Metal. Members are JH/G, TC/D,V, TG/B.

Self titled and set to be released on September 30 2014 through Dark Descend Records. Raw and extreme production. Heavy tuned down guitars and low devastating bass sound. Heavy guttural style vocals and precise double kick work. I am reminded of early Gorefest or Grave. At times some of the riffs can be considered doom influenced.

There a five tracks in total. Some of the more stand out songs for me would have to be Seclusion of Bereaved, I enjoy the deep guttural vocals and memorable phrases. Streams of Night, it carries the essence roots of the the DM genre. Straight forward raw brutality. Upon The Gallows of Perihelion, good intensity and groove make a perfect song to mosh to. 

In conclusion, a strong EP staying true to the original DM roots. I recommend it for fans of Death, Grave, Gorefest, Malevolent Creation, Brutality, Monstrosity and many others from the same era.


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