Thursday, September 18, 2014

Lunarsapian - Fade Into Oblivion EP

Lunarsapian is a two member project consisting of Matt TR and Scott K. They are based out of Clevedon, UK and AL, US. Genre is described as doom/drone metal.

Fade Into Oblivion EP released on September 1 2014. It has been a very long time since I listened to a doom metal album. This one consist of five tracks and close to an hour in length. In terms of production its a decent recording. The drum sound is in the background, not sure if this is deliberate or just the way it was recorded. I feel that it adds to the atmosphere been portray, so no big deal. Vocals are black metal in style which makes sense since the band was formerly a BM oriented project. From the first song this EP makes you feel like traveling inside a darkened, swirling abyss. A feeling of cold and endless paths, like a labyrinth of torment and despair.

Each song has a unique adventure that only each individual listener can formulate inside their mind. For me, the stand out tracks would have to be "As I Tie My Noose", something about the keyboard compositions really resonate with me. The melody grabs my attention and the feeling of hopelessness and depression is captured perfectly in its delivery. Divide and Conquer, probably the heavier of the songs on this EP, makes me feel like walking through an industrial wasteland with many bodies scattered about. The Craft and The Witch, if you were traveling alone into a cave and came upon a seance, this is probably what it would sound like. 

In conclusion, a welcomed dark journey with many soundscapes. The compositions slowly wrap their tentacles around your mind and before you know it your are swimming in the black abyss. The band has many other demos an EPs which can be found by going to their site lunarsapian-releases be sure to check those out too.


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