Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pyre - Human Hecatomb

Pyre is a four piece band from Russia. Genre is described as death metal. Current members are: Dym Nox - vocal / bass, Roman Rotten - guitars, Fred Obsinner - guitars, Kannib Maledik - drums.

Human Hecatomb released on October 6th 2014 through Chaos Records. This band got their start in 2011 and released a previous Ravenous Decease EP. In terms of production its a decent recording. Raw death metal to the bone. Gritty drums and heavy sludgy guitars, sound like the type captured in the early nineties era. It is reminiscent of the first Death or Monstrosity recordings. The bass sound is solid and follows the rhythms perfectly. Some killer riff work by the guitar players and involved solos are well thought out and memorable. Not breaking any new ground but adding to the pool of the great death metal from the first generation. 

A big feeling of nostalgia flows through my mind from song to song. Back when I was growing up this would have been the heaviest thing to listen to next to Entombed, Sinister, Hypocrisy, Grave, Malevolent Creation and many others. In total, there are nine tracks, the ones that stood out the most to me would have to be Merciless Decease, as it starts with a dominant bass line and takes us into a devastating blast beat. Disturbia, memorable open riffs and catchy classic DM style arrangements had me moving my head. Under The Death Reign, if Slayer and Malevolent Creation had a baby this song would be it. Last Nail In Your Coffin, for the cool wah wah soloing towards the end and excellent and memorable chorus line that also features the sound of a nail being driven into a coffin, well executed.

In conclusion, the band captures a time portal to the great music at the beginning of the death metal genre, all the elements that make the genre amazing can be found in each and every composition herein.
I recommended it to fans of early Death, Monstrosity, Slayer, Wrath, Embalmer, Dismember and Obituary. Also the next generation can also benefit from checking this out to hear how raw and intense DM can be without being super polished or complex. 



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