Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Furor - Impending Revelation

The Furor is a one man project describe as Black/Thrash/Death speed metal. Member-Dizazter - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Lyrics. Roots from Perth, Western Australia. Dizazter also plays drums in the Black/death band IMPIETY.

Impending Revelation released March 2014 under the bands own label Westernterror Records. As far as production quality, its a well polished work. Solid drum performance, heavy guitar tones as well as fast and fluid solos. Bass sounds leveled and does not over power the other instruments. Vocals are in BM format, featuring killer mids and hellish highs at appropriate points. Blistering blast beats with a high dose of double kick supremacy.

The music is black metal oriented but does reflect death metal riffing as well as thrash metal styles in certain spots. The song "Corpse Eclipse" gives us a good example of the genre mix. The guitar compositions are excellent in my opinion, well structured passages and solos in almost every track. The stand outs for me would have to be "Black Sorcerer of Sadism", great roll fills and memorable guitar licks. "Show No Mercy", the song slays, and it sounds thunderous on all levels, I would have to say I played this track several times. "Seven Trumpets" is another one to check out, it reminds me of old Morbid Angel compositions, very sick and brutal, love the solos on that song too. This is the fourth album by The Furor, be sure to look up the previous albums which can be heard at the bands Bandcamp site, Sermon Of Slaughter (EP), War Upon Worship and a few others. 

In conclusion, the music definitely delivers black/thrash/death metal in its purest form. Some songs stand out better than others but its worth adding to your collection if you are a fan of Morbid Angel, Samael, Sinister, Incantation, or any other early BM/DM bands of the nineties.


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