Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Metal Mash Mayhem Radio- SlayerTania Interview

Exclusive interview with SlayerTania of Metal Mash Mayhem Radio

1) Introduce yourself to our readers, who is Slayertania? what is your involvement in the metal scene?

Hi, my name is Tania Z. I am Slayer Tania. I choose Slayer as my front name because I am one of Slayer's biggest fans. My involvement in the Metal Scene is to Promote metal bands of all genre's of metal, and to help make the bands known.  

2) How did you discover metal music? who were the bands that made a good impression on you?

I always knew metal music existed. It was a music genre I liked but never payed attention to. I started actually listening to it when I met my husband Dave. Slayer was first band to make Impression on me. 

3) What were the first major concerts you attended?

 I went to Ozzfest 99 in Alpine Valley Wisconsin, I saw Slayer live, I fell in love with their music. That was the year I met my soulmate Dave Kawakami.

4) Who were the first local acts you witness?

First Local band I witnessed that is a hard question, I would say it had to be Ion Vein. With Chris Lotesto lead guitarist in the band and old singer Russ C. 

5) Do you have a favorite genre of metal?

That is a hard Question to answer. My favorites are in between thrash all the way to black metal. Being that "Slayer" is my number one favorite band I would say thrash. Brutal death be a local band "Asphyxiator."

6) You recently started doing internet radio, what initially sparked your interest in pursuing that?

I was at the laundry mat and then the idea popped into my head, "internet radio"! after that is when I started the Facebook like page Metal Mash Mayhem Radio, and then began doing online interviews and playing an hour or two of songs.

7) Is being a DJ an enjoyable experience?

Yes, It is an amazing and fun experience. A new chapter in my life.

8) How many interviews have you conducted so far?

Interviews, hmm let me think for a minute, I believe in between 70-83 interviews so far. Very hard to keep track, when you have almost 100 recordings in the library of www.spreaker.com/user/slayertania.

9) Did you have any difficulty getting set up for broadcasting?

No, I just need my Mountain Dew and a click of a link saved in the bar of my Laptop.

10) When contacting bands for interviews, has it been hard or easy to get a response?

It is in between hard and easy with some bands, some bands I have interviewed are acquaintances of mine from years before I started my internet radio show. Other bands are hard because you have to go through their managers. 

11) Name some of the people that have been fun to talk to on your show?

Wow, that is a hard question. If I name the list it would be too long and it would not be fair to all that I have interviewed, if I do not mention their names or their bands. Lets say since the first day I started with Craig Locicero of Former band Forbidden now in SprialArms to last interview I just had 8/31/2014 at 8:00 pm with Amulance own Rick Baez, Chuck, and Bob. In between all the females on air with me were extremely fun. All local bands in Illinois were extremely fun too. My absolute Favorite one's was with Prophet singer of St. Madness, Steve Souza (Exodus and Hatriot) and Kosta of Hatriot, Arte Mortifica (Frank) of Asphyxiator, the 3 live broadcasts. Like I said too many to name, If I missed naming your band, my apology, I loved all the interviews. 

12) Have people in the metal community been supportive of your efforts?

Almost everyone that is my friend, Facebook friends and Family. 

13) What are the future goals for your radio show? 

It all depends on where it goes. All I aim for is to interview as many bands and play as much music that I can on my show. With the limited time frame I get whenever I do a show.

14) Besides going to shows and doing radio, what else do you do for fun?

Write poetry, erotic short stories, small articles here and there. I sketch for fun, I draw. Love to go fishing, camping, hiking and photography. I also love the paranormal.

15) If a band wants to be part of your radio show what is the best way to contact you? 

The best way to contact me is by email "metalrockkitty420@gmail.com or like "Metal Mash Mayhem Radio", also contact me by private message on facebook.

16) Any last words?

Yes, Please help me support local bands just by tuning in to Metal Mash Mayhem Radio at www.spreaker.com/user/slayertania. Also I want to thank you for this wonderful Interview.

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