Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mausoleum Gate - Mausoleum Gate

Mausoleum Gate is a five piece band consisting of V.-P Varpula- vocals, Count L.F. - guitars, Kasperi Puranen - guitars, Wicked Ischanius - bass, Oscar Razanez- drums. Country of origin is Kuopio, Finland. Genre described as traditional Heavy Metal.

The self titled debut album released on October 7 2014, through Cruz del Sur Music. Its interesting to hear the sound coming from this band. I can best describe it as Iron Maiden Killers meets Black Sabbaths Vol. 4. The production captures the essences of that era perfectly. One of the things that stand out the most in the recording are the bass lines. The bass player is very talented and is doing some amazing finger work through out most of these songs. The production captures the bass sound perfectly. 
Although metal oriented, the band does stray away from that and experiments with different riff passages, which can be heard through organ and eerie drum fills. Memorable solos with that classic heavy/rock wah wah effect really capture the listener. At times the arrangements transition into progressive blues or Frank Zappa influenced compositions. 

Although I enjoyed the majority of this album, consider the bulk of my reviews are brutal death metal and Black Metal/doom, this was a welcomed change. My favorite tracks would have to be, There Must Be Demons, catchy chorus and an epic solo really got my head moving. Mausoleum Gate song is just amazing, with a twelve string strumming away an enchanting melody that leads us into a solid bass driven phrase that builds into an epic journey, at eleven minutes, I found myself playing this track several times without loosing interest. Lost Beyond The Sun, for its catchy intro and an awesome bass solo with guitar solo that really sticks in mind. The way both musicians combined their string arrangements both progressively without clashing is epic in itself.

In conclusion, a great debut album with much to explore, an although rooted in the 70s 80s metal, the band is also progressive and blues influenced. I recommend it for both old school and new generation of metalheads.



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