Monday, September 8, 2014

Nothgard - Age Of Pandora - Official video

Via MM:
"Nothgard -their 2nd full-length -Age Of Pandora-will be released at Sept., 12.
(Vocalist & Lead-Guitarist Dom R. Crey recently joined German top-notch Epic Metal act EQUILIBRIUM !)

With their new and second album "Age Of Pandora" NOTHGARD is heading straight towards to originality, technical finesse and maturity. 
The outstanding formation stands out for 3 technical guitars and epic orchestral parts combined with influences of Folk, Classic, Melo-Death and Hard Rock."

"With 'Age Of Pandora' we've made, what we haven't reached with it's album predecessor. Aggression combined with harmony, technical parts combined with silent nuanced, more emotional, orchestral passages. Even on lyrical level I'm very satisfied this time. There are no clich├ęs at all on these new album, but true real-life topics and very own feelings, which have a deep meaning for me and the band. Simply perfect for our fans to get eventually 'lyrical mirrored' so to say."
(Dom R. Crey)

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