Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Total Death Fanzine 2 promo

Total Death Fanzine 2 is an underground fanzine featuring DM/BM bands from around the world. In this issue - Master, Teitenfyre, Ptahil, Tales Of Blood, Impaler of Pest, Krow, Sickrites, Scibex, Radiation Sickness, Internal Damage, Masachist, Disforterror, Moonkult, My Funeral, Neldoreth, Patronymicon Towards Prophecy, Vortex Of Clutter, With Burning Contempt, Goat Skull, Grom Records, Shotgun Sludge, Putrified, Skineater and Ugra Karma. 

The zine comes with a Kaotoxin cd promo, Darkallslaves EP Abysses of Seclusion. Interviews with the bands Scent of Death, Black Witchery, Tales Of Blood, Haiduk, Moonkult, Disforterror, Towards Prophecy and many more. Fifty plus pages full of reviews, interviews, promos and upcoming releases.

You can also check out my promo for issue 1 at this location- Video promo for issue 1

Be sure to visit Total Death Fanzine at its official FB site


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