Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Acrania - Fearless

Acrania is a Latin Metal band from Mexico City. Members are Luis F. Oropeza-Rythm Gtr. & Vocals, J.C. Chavez S.-Drums, Alberto Morales G.-Bass Gtr, C├ęsar A. Gallegos.-Lead Gtr & Saxophone.

Fearless album self released on April 25 2015. Now here we have some flavorful music. Progressive, Jazzy and Metal to name a few of the the emotions being projected on the album. Indeed, something for everyone. If you only stick to a certain genre then this may not be for you. However, if you like you Metal like a mixed salad, then this will delight your ears. Songs like "Poverty is in The Soul" encapsulate the variety of styles happening from moment to moment. Catchy guitar riffs, trumpets and a vast array of drum fills to keep the listener engaged and attentive as to what's coming next. Overall the music moves the spirit while texturing the aggressive parts with metal. ~Artemortifica


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