Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Soulgrinder Zine issue 2 review

Soulgrinder Zine #2 2014. Editor, Paul Caravasi. Front cover/interior art by Mortuus and distribution by Daniel Thrash. Plus numerous contributors of metal.

Let me start by congratulating Paul Caravasi on another edition of Soulgrinder Zine. I absolutely enjoy every page. The layout for this one is well thought out and retains the feel from the old school death metal borders similar to early 90s Zines. The artwork is sick, gory and brutal. Mortuus continues to delight my eyes with all the horror and comedic touch he brings to the pages. Ninety six pages stocked full of underground death metal from around the world.

Feature interviews with Artillery, Sinaya, all female death metal band from Brazil an interesting read on their point of view of the metal scene in their neck of the woods. Legends Napalm Death, Madrost from California, Kraken interview with Jhonny Villacorta, Corsair, Sunlord from NYC, Amon interview with Eric Hoffman, Desarme, the legendary Nocturnus AD talk about their return to the scene since The Key album. Necroriser, Autopsy, great interview worth reading, Shadow Host from Russia, an excellent interview with Cancer. Interview with my favorite home town band Cardiac Arrest. Attacker, Suffocation, Kobra and the Lotus, interview with Tony Portaros of Whiplash, thrash metal band Zabotage from Peru, The band Cobra, KH, Obituary, an exclusive and in depth interview with this legendary band. 

Tim Gutierrez give us a brief look at Maryland deathfest 2014 of Edison Lot on Saturday. Many awesome bands played including Sacrifice, Tankard, Nocturno Culto and many others. Morbid and comedic short comic by Mortuus, The Vinyl Killer strikes back. A ton of zine reviews plus CD reviews of Amon, Faethom, Ragestorm, Necrofagore and many others. Horror movie reviews by Dave Kosanke.

Overall this issue covers a lot of ground. From reviews, to the the interviews. You can tell a lot hard work was put into it. As rare prints are these days, if you are a true fan of zines, this is one that should be added to you collection.

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