Friday, October 30, 2015

The Hudson Horror - Nemesis

The Hudson Horror is a four piece band consisting of Dan Kelly (Vox), Marcus Hedwig (Guitars), Tyreek Jackson ( Bass), and Anne Buchwald (Drums). Genre described as Melodic death metal. Band origin New York.

Nemesis self-Released album on 15 September 2015. First thoughts, complex and catchy material. The band definitely raise levels of aggression while maintaining progressive passages. The title track Nemesis is a good example of those elements. The song leads you in with a moderate eerie build up them creates dissonant rhythms that are very memorable. I would have to say one of my favorite tracks is Heretic, this song makes you want to stand up and punch walls, indeed powerful riffs and aggressive vocals are crushing, while the double kick work pummels the senses. Wolf's Blood is an interesting track, slightly different than the rest, it contains more of a mid pace style of riffing and catchy choruses.   

In conclusion, the band can project aggression while creating progressive and at times technical music. The album is worth exploring and I recommended for all metal fans. 


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