Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ephyra - Along The Path

Ephyra is a six piece Melodic Death/Folk/Epic Metal band from Italy. Members are Nadia Casali – Vocals, Francesco Braga – Vocals, Matteo Santoro – Guitars & Choirs, Paolo Diliberto – Guitars & Choirs, Alessandra Biundo – Bass, John Tagliabue – Drums.

Along The Path album to be released through Bakerteam Records on November 20 2015. My first thoughts are, captivating and adventurous sounds, an exploration of deep emotions. Strong vocal choruses can be found in every song. The production sounds great. Every instrument is clear and defined. Progressive guitar work but not over the top.

After a long period of listen to this album on my distant and short travels, it really began to grow on me. At first only a few of the songs resonated in my mind, but now, I can honestly say every track has something special to delight my ears. 

The harmonies and complex arrangements of acoustic guitars and keyboards in the song "Hope" make it a composition I keep coming back to. The violin parts are amazing, simple, yet very effective in this song. The track "Last Night" is another one to mention and features some interesting bass lines. Both melancholy and somber feelings are expressed in every passage, very well executed. 

In conclusion, the band manages to captivate the senses and stand out above others of the same genres by creating interesting harmonies and catchy melodies that are easy to follow and they continue to resonate in the mind long after the the album concludes. Fans of Melodic/folk metal will surely add this album to their collection, but it has something to offer to every metal fan out there and should not be passed up. ~Artemortifica


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