Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Soulgrinder Zine issue 3 review

Soulgrinder Zine #3 2015. Editor, Paul Caravasi. Front cover/interior art by Mortuus, Mark Riddick, Cuba Thomas, Menfis Paul, and distribution by Daniel Thrash. Plus numerous contributors of metal.

This is the third installment and it is 100 pages of pure underground metal. Paul added a few other artist to this issue making it super gory, full of corpses and dripping monstrosities. Interviews with Reino Ermitano, Mazo, Nightprowler, Necromesis, Torturer from Chile, Peruvian Black Metal band Misa Lugubria, a very interesting interview with Vanessa Nocera of Razorback label. Interview with South Peru band Mandagora, Cryptic Slaughter, Metal Crucifier, Colombian metal band Detriktuss, Sadistic Intent speak on everything they have done since 1987, Brazilian legends Ratos De Parao, Ente, Sepulcro, Frightmare, 80s thrash band Sacrifice, Alcoholic Rites, Lifeless, Krow, doom/death act Psicorragia, Cemetery Lust, Horror Grind Cropsy Maniac, Haemorrhage, legendary band Deceased, Dead Horse, Nervosa and Sacrodeath.

Awesome Zine reviews of other intense and brutal death metal zines like Voces De Ultratumba, Liquid Cheese, Rest In Pain, Infinite Terror and many others. Tons and tons of CD and tape reviews. Very nice eye candy, model Alessa Nicole posing with a hard copy of issue 2. An awesome review of Horror movie "Pledge Class" that I will have to check out now. Raul Fuentes Mortuus provides with another installment of The Vinyl Killer "Praise The Death".

In conclusion, the addition of other artist to this issue add a variety images to enjoy reading through the articles. The interviews are well thought out and are not boring or silly, asking relevant questions and getting right to what the fans want to know. Happy to see this zine growing and I am looking forward to issue number 4. Congrats. ~Artemortifica


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