Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Rectified Spirit – The Waste Land

Rectified Spirit is a five piece metal band from Guwahati India and features members Vocals-Rainjong Lepcha, Guitars - Samudragupta Dutta, Guitars - Dishankan Baruah, Bass - Himangshu Borah, Drums - Nishant Hagjer.

The Waste Land album released on Transcending Obscurity India September 20 2015. My first thoughts, progressive, engaging and epic. Excellent production, all the instruments are clear and dynamic on all levels. Comprised of eight tracks, with very good vocals and lyric content. Many melodic passages and progressive guitar riffing can be heard. Some of the more stand out tracks to me were "Afterthought", catchy to the ears and well contained harmonies like old Dream Theater style which I enjoy very much. "The Waste Land" is the longest song on the album and another favorite for me. It is about thirteen minutes long and for most groups this would be hard to pull off and not get boring. They do it really well, I enjoy the build up and the many soundscapes it creates in my mind, it is easy to rock out to and moves the spirit.

In conclusion, fans of melodic progressive music will be delighted to hear every opus experienced in this release. Although, very melodic the band manages to keep the metal aggression raging in the background. I recommend for fans of Sonata Artica, Stratovarious and Dark Tranquility. ~Artemortifica

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