Thursday, October 29, 2015

Necrogod - The Inexorable Death Reign

Necrogod is a death metal band from Sweden/Costa Rica featuring members Rogga Johanson swedish musician and The Master Butcher Costa Rican Death Metal singer.

The Inexorable Death Reign album released on Iron, Blood & Death Corporation middle of 2015. Upon lending my ears to this onslaught, my first thoughts were, straight to the chaos, intense drumming and brutality. They waste no time setting the speed to destroy. Strong and crushing compositions of DM . I am reminded of bands like Bolt Thrower, Monstrosity and Decapitated. Some of the stand out songs would have to be Human Misery, I found myself jammin to this track several times, catchy verses and cool chorus. The Death Provokers, this song invokes violence and I prefer it. Back in the day, when Six Feet Under first appear on the scene they had similar sounding arrangements and this track harks back to that era which was a pleasant surprise and great to turn on to full blast.

Final thoughts, a pure, intense and destructive slab of death metal. Crushing riffs and killer drum attack. The two members manage to create a solid release and I look forward to more material. ~Artemortifica


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