Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hypermass - Clouded Visions EP

Hypermass is a five piece death metal band from Trondheim, featuring members Markus Sundet - Vocals, Sindre Dagestad - Guitar, Thomas Pedersen - Guitar, Marius Grindflek - Bass, Brage Kråbøl - Drums.

Clouded Visions EP Self-Released 1 September 2015. The album draws me in from the opening track. The music builds from melodic to progressive effortlessly. The guitar arrangements are well thought out and catchy to my ears. Reminiscent to bands At The Gates, Revocation, Bloodshot Dawn, Gojira and Dissection. The group manages to blend several aspects of death metal and making sound cohesive. I normally would name a couple of stand out tracks but to be honest I enjoy the entire album. Every songs hold its own characteristic and its worth spinning several times.

In conclusion, the production quality is awesome, these are highly skilled musicians and this release reflects those talents. ~Artemortifica

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