Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ditheist - Eternity of Nothingness

Eternity of Nothingness self released debut album on October 2015. Ditheist current line up is Konrad Lysak- Guitar, Narcyz Fortuna- Drums, Jason Dienethal-Vocals, Jarek Badzioch-Bass. Dorian Rainwater guest guitar solos on the songs Crippling Vexation and Eternal Corridors. 

My first impression, good production and straight forward death metal. I had the chance to review their EP (Ditheist- Seduction Of Demons EP) back 2013. This is the bands debut full length album. Although a considerable amount time has past since Seduction of Demons they have improved upon the ground work of that EP. Eight tracks of solid performance. The drums in particular sound really good in this production. Not overpowering or in the background, but steady and brutal through out every composition. There are eight songs, the most stand out tracks to me are the title track Eternity of Nothingness, it offers a total old school dm vibe and catchy verse riffs. Blind Dead, because it sounds like a combination of early Morbid Angel and Malevolent Creation. Finally, Crippling Vexation for its strong delivery and killer solos. The music is death metal in its roots. Many fans of early Monstrosity, Sinister, Grave and Obituary will find sometime to enjoy from this release. Eternity of Nothingness is exactly what is to be expected on a decent debut album. This release excels and adds another layer to their previous demo release.~Artemortifica 


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