Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fractal Generator - Apotheosynthesis

Fractal Generator is a three piece Atmospheric Death Metal from Sudbury, Ontario Canada. Members only go by numbers.

Apotheosynthesis album Self-released 2 October 2015. Explore the universe with extreme brutality. Nine tracks to mesmerize and melt your brain. The production is very good, solid guitar distortion, killer vocals and pummeling drums. Not sure what I was expecting but ended listening to the entire album several times and finding new elements to enjoy each time. Many aspects of death metal riffing that go into technical parts effortlessly along with some grinding, like in the song Human. The song Face Of The Apocalypse will make you feel like you were just got pushed out of a spaceship into a spinning black hole. Some of the bands that come to mind are Rings of Saturn, Gojira and Gigan. Honestly, I really liked the entire album, but the track that resonated the most in mind was Reflections, it conjured up many images of black holes and exploding stars somewhere in the universe. Just an all around jammin track.

Final thoughts, the band manages to bring heavy destructive elements of death metal and present them as a cosmic journey. Melodic yet technical passages are reached and are pleasing to the ears. ~Artemortifica


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