Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hoth - The Black Goddess Return

Hoth is a Black Metal band based out of Portugal. Member J.A. (aka Decayed and Alastor) is the creator of this project.

The Black Goddess Return album released middle of 2015 on Iron, Blood & Death Corporation. The band info is limited, very obscure. The music is blackened death metal, early metal, not to many blast beats and a lot of solos, which I enjoy listening to. Some of the most notable tracks would have to be Shades of Black, Upon the Sacred Hill and Demons Enthrall All Deceivers. The early roots of BM are evident from start to finish. There is no new ground being broken, just a visitation to the early days, think of bands like Bathory, Marduk, Samael, or early Satyricon. 

In conclusion, the entire experience was a flashback to another era but, I did not find anything that could linger in my mind. I recommended for die hard fans of the genre from late 80s to early 90s. ~Artemortifica



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