Ashtrayheart - Feature Model #2 2/2013

Ashtrayheart is featured model #2 for February 2013 This listing includes exclusive interview/photos and links to her other sites. Photography by Heiner Seemann- Grauton Studios

1- What inspired you to do modeling? Was there a point early in your life that sparked your interest?

- My inspiration at first was simply, that I wanted some pretty pictures of me. After my first shooting I realized that it’s a lot of fun for me and since 2010 its also a way to express myself.


2- You have a unique style, was there an event or moment that made you decide on your style?
- I remember that moment when I started to get into goth-styles and the music. It was in school when me and another girl (now one of my best friends) went to the same art-class and got to know each other. She was such a cute gothic-girl and we became friends. It was love at first sight, with her and the gothic-lifestyle.


3- Name some of your favorite music or bands?
 - My favourite band is Placebo, as you can see by my tattoos  I also love Depeche mode, Zola jesus and Combichrist for example. But I really like every type of music! I just have my favourite music like rock, pop and alternative electronic styles.

4- Name some of your accomplishments or highlights of your career so far?
 - Well I haven’t got so much to tell, I think one cool highlight was my picture in the biggest German tattoo magazine. What I really liked also, was when a girl recognized me whilst grocery-shopping. That was fun!

5- Do you enjoy regular photoshoots? or ones where you get to play a character?
- I never have any regular shooting. Everything I do is a special idea I had in my mind, sometimes I model my own characters.

6- What other interest do you have besides modeling?
- Besides modelling I do a lot of painting and drawing. I had an exhibition a few years ago with my paintings. I also love sewing! Right now I am working on my own collection. I’m on planning doing more dresses!

7- Are there any significant projects or events you are looking forward to in the coming months?
- I’m looking forward to my collection and the photographers and shoots I have planned in 2013

8- If someone is interested in hiring you (modeling agency, bands, producers, etc..) where is the best place to get a hold of you?

- The best place is Facebook! Just because it’s the place I am most active on


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