Supuration - Cube 3

Its been a decade since the release of their full length album Incubation. This latest release is through Listenable Records. Supuration has been creating music since 1989 and Cube 3 is part of  a concept started back in 1993 with the release of "The Cube". Syngery Awakes begins with interesting vocals and then goes into an unexpected turn which is good, vocals remind me of Paradise Lost. The Disenthrall, interesting harmonies and Gojira style of riffs, along with a mix of clean chants and some aggressive double kicks. Next up is Consumate, off time signatures raw guitars fill the senses and indulge in technicality for brief periods. I hear a Cynic influence on some of these songs which I really like. Data Dance is probably my favorite song of the entire album it's a song that stays interesting from riff to riff and features complex passages to keep you guessing as to what's coming next. The Flight, we get to experience the drums doing fast dynamics on this track Thierry Berger does a long rhythm in the beginning and is followed by some cool riffs that remind of early Gojira albums, the song does have its own identity, I will be spinning that track for a while. The Climax ends our trip through Cube 3, having never experienced the band before, this was a pleasant introduction and I take with me many memorable riffs. I recommend this album for fans of Cynic, Paradise Lost or even Gojira, I do think anyone can get something out of this album as it has many elements that everyone can enjoy.

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