Hammerforce - Access Denied

A six piece power/prog metal band from Russia. They got their start back in 2006 and have two other releases "Dice" 2009 and "Mass Media" single from 2011. This one is called Access Denied and they are releasing a song at a time until the actual release on March 27 2013. "I Am I" is the first song I lend my ears to, an epic start, you can tell its going to be very exciting from the first riffs. My mind automatically thinks Dream Theater, this is a good thing since I am a huge fan of DT. Some amazing synth work as I listen to it is played with as much talent as the guitar work and they compliment each other very well. "Templates For All" vocals are hitting great highs on this track almost reminiscent of Rob Halford style, drums are fast and accurate with a high levels of detail to compliment every note been played by the other instruments. "Wasted" is the third track released for this album, dual vocals in the first verses are a perfect fit for the attack that is to follow, all the elements of their talents are apparent on this track as every instrument is doing something different moment to moment but always remain within the furiosity of the composition. I recommend this album for fans of Dragonforce, Dream Theater or early Judas Priest.

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