Molllust - Schuld

Ready to experience Molllust, a six piece ensemble from Lelpzig, Germany, formed in 2010. This will also be my first introduction to Opera Metal. From the beginning there is so much happening, beautiful keyboards open the curtains to this journey into complex arrangements and well thought out melodies. The lyric content is in German so I cannot comment on it other than to say the voice is well practiced with high levels of pitch and pure elegance. Production levels are superb, there a several instruments aside from the typical ones, there is also violin, cello and piano, all are clear, balanced and blend harmoniously together in perfect audibility. The range of emotion from song to song is amazingly. Maintaining all the structures in the songs must be quite a task in a live performance situation which I am sure they do it with ease. Having little knowledge in this genre the only thing I can compare them to is maybe early Nightwish, Winterhymn or Turisas. Aufwind is my favorite track from the album the violin and keys do a beautiful dance in this song. Spiegelsee, has the heavy guitar tones and doubles kicks add a sense of intense emotion to it. Lied Zur Nacht, in this song there are dual vocals, male and female duet which blend perfectly together, a dramatic story is unfolding from the feels of the music, like a journey through vast seas. If the band ever tours the USA I would go see them in concert to experience all they have to offer. The album is amazing and is a pleasure to hear all the great talent combined, I think their style would reach vast audiences. Be sure to give them a LIKE on their FB and also check out their RN site to listen to excerpts from their album.

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