The Omega Experiment - The Omega Experiment

Such amazing creativity arises from the moment I hit play on this album. An elegance of progression taking place with many paths. I hear influences in the form of Frank Zappa to Steve Via to Devin Townsend project. Formed in 2009 and coming from Muskegon, MI. Two members (Dan Wieten and Ryan  Aldridge) create The Omega Experiment. 

Gift is the first track and its progressive guitar work is evident right from the start. Stimulus comes in with great vocals that remind me of Cynic or Dream Theater. Motion, has some very cool riff work, open chords sprinkled with a warm sweeping guitar from time to time, vocals are very involved and cover a wide range of emotion through the entire experience. Furor is a fast pace song and reminds me of Strapping Young Lad. A very intense track and probably one of my favorites. Karma has strong metal riffs and some very creative keyboard passages towards the end. Terminus, some talented vocals kick this off, the singer has the ability to hit highs without obscuring the other instruments. Paramount features more progressive melodies and well thought out drums parts. The fact that only two people took part in the creation of this entire body of work is monumental, the amount of riffs and layers of melodies is huge. I see a very bright future for this band and look forward to witnessing it as a full live project on stage.

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