Mortificy - Burn and Suffer

The first thing I want to speak on is the cover. A landscape of atrocity and mayhem, war infestation in the depths of hell. Mortificy hails from Brazil which has spawn many talented band in the metal underground for a few decades now and Mortificy is one that's at the forefront. Starting in 2000. They have "Brutal Instinct of Retalliation" demo 2003, "4 Tormenting Ways of Death" split 2005, "Unholy Triumph" split 2006. This is their first full length album and its brutal.

Starting with "Abnegating Legacies of Supremacy", a flurry of lightning fast drums and raw production quality is my first impression. "Behold The Desecration" old school style riffs with a thrash metal appeal, I dig the high vocal parts on this song."Infamous Hordes of Chaos" my mind is transported to the first Morbid Angel album when I heard this, but only in the beginning, as it progresses the riffs become more engaging, brutal death metal style, I really like this track. "Desolation of Religion" got to love the title. Grinding drums begin this one, then into riffs that remind me of Terrorizer style of composition. "Brutal Instinct of Retalliation" just when I thought- "wow, these guys play fast", this song comes in, and I am like "holy hell this is even faster". Without a doubt my favorite song from this album. I will be listening to this one for years to come. "Burn and Suffer" envelopes what the cover portrays perfectly, a very sick and brutal track that will have people brutalizing each other in the mosh pit at their concerts. "Slaves of Faith" some killer drum fills start this one of, then into some assaulting thrash/death riffs. "Unholy Spirits of Devastation" my focus is on the bass on this track, although the guitars dominate, the bass is equally as dynamic and fluid with the rest of the riffs. I recommend this album for fans of early Morbid Angel, Pestilence, or even Krisium.

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