Hateure - Alustrousdanseur

Formed in 2007, they are a four piece band from the Philippines. The cover to this album is very interesting, looks like Picasso piece you might find in a art museum, its unconventional, since most album art these days is predictable and much look the same, so this one to me stands out. Now for the music. I must say it is as diverse as the cover. The first track is A Lustrous Danseur begins with a clean guitar that does not sound like anything I have ever heard, which is good, there are some interesting drum rhythms playing over this, giving it a tribe like effect. A Multi Kolored Krystal Ossifikation, heavy guitar comes in and I hear a Gojira style on these riffs. Anatomy of Crisis, very well written song, off time signatures along with some synth, I hear a Meshuggah influence on this particular track. If You Are Searching For a Meaning.. a long title here but the music makes up for it, some discorded effects are evident towards the middle and gives this song a much interesting feel. IL(Lust)Ration, I hear some distorted bass lines on this one plus off time signatures. Klearence Enter The Placebo, very cool rhythm section and clean guitar almost sounds like a Zittar on some moments. Opalescence, very cool title and involved riffing with high dynamic drums. Strabismik, probably my favorite song of the entire album, fast paced, full of brutality. We get to experience some solo work on this song. Subservient, closes my trip into the world of Hateure. A unique experience with twist and turns abound, much credit to these high talented young musicians creating involved vibes and stacking up against the likes of much older comrades. I recommend this album for fans of Gojira and Meshuggah.

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