Macabre Lilith (Taralee Caine) - Feature Model #7 2/2013

Introducing alternative model Macabre Lilith (Taralee Caine)

1- What inspired you to do modeling? Was there a point early in your
life that sparked your interest?

I started off doing a photoshoot with Hex Photography because her
portfolio was filled with alternative styled themes and portraiture.
I've always wanted to have some nice professional photos of myself,
rather than just "selfies" I take with my dodgey phone quality
camera... The photographer was a really nice lady who made me feel at
ease (I was nervous, because 99% of the time, I'm the person behind
the camera taking 101 happy snaps of everyone else). She also told me
I was a natural, explained the "alternative modelling" industry and
that I should go for it.

2- You have dark elements to your style, was there an event or moment
that made you decide on your style?

It's always been apart of my personality since I was a child. I always
found something intriguing about the "darker" elementals and found
myself drawn in (like a moth to a flame) to the lifestyle from a very
young age... I was misunderstood by the "mainstream kind". As a result
(in all 7 schools I attended in my lifetime) I was always picked on
for being different. Despite the bullying, I never veered away from
being myself... Even now, I'm criticised by people that try to change
who I am. I'll never give in though, because I'm too happy within
myself to change for anyone.

3- Name some of your favorite music or bands?

Death/ Black/ Melodic/Symphonic Metal... My favourite band of all time
is Cradle of Filth... I also enjoy Dimmu Borgir, Angelspit, Deicide,
Befallen, Psyborg Corp, Decapitated, Satyricon, Rammstein, Marilyn
Manson, Nightwish, Leaves Eyes, Blutengel, Old Man's Child, Dying
Fetus, David Bowie, Tchaikovsky... Etc...

4- Name some of your accomplishments or highlights of your career so far?

I modelled for a clothing line called Dusk Moth Designs... One of my
photos is currently on display inside the PMD Photography studio... I
was "Goth Girl of the Week" in July 2012... I did a "playing cards"
project with Luke Milton (still yet to be published)... I collaborated
with Hex Photography to be on the cover of Birthday Cards (all
proceeds going to the Cancer Council)... I modelling for a jewellery
line called Hells Housewife... And I was recently on Mental Candy
Radio being interviewed by the lovely Joan V.

5- Do you enjoy regular photoshoots? or ones where you get to play a character?

I prefer ones that have a theme or story behind it... I enjoy my "era"
or my "fantasy" concepts. I love experimenting with gore themes...
Majority of the concepts originate from what's inside my head that I
try to bring to life in the form of photography/model artwork.

6- What other interest do you have besides modeling?

Fire twirling... I have a huge collection of Gothic Dragons and
Fairies ornaments around the house... I'm a computer nerd. I build
computers, programming and often participate in gaming LANs... I'm a
huge Anime and Sci-Fi geek... I love Invader Zim and Serial Killer
documentaries... My favourite books are Johnny the Homicidal Maniac
and Anne Rice novels... My favourite movies are gore, horror and
psychological movies.

7- Are there any significant projects or events you are looking
forward to in the coming months?

I've got some projects in the works. Ideas that have been bursting
within my mind to come out for ages!

8- If someone is interested in hiring you (modeling agency, bands,
producers, etc..) where is the best place to get a hold of you?

I reside in Mandurah, Western Australia. I'm best contactable via my
Macabre Lilith Facebook


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