GBMI - Guilty as Charged - Outta the Asylum

Guilty But Mentally Ill is a band from Detroit Michigan. This is a song from their album Outta the Asylum, very impressive sound considering the fact most of todays music is overdone in production I am enjoying the simple no overproduction approach, just straight forward music with a no holds barred attack. They labeled themselves as a Rock band but on this particular track I hear a tinged of metal like early Accept or even Judas Priest. Looking on their sites, they have been making music since 2007 and you can hear very good chemistry between the instruments. There is something unique about the vocals although he has the high range in style, it does hold a distinct signature. The cover to this album is very cool, looks like a multi-personality mentally ill patient ghost apparition, well conceive and fits the band and music perfectly. I am looking forward to listening to the rest of this album. if you are interested in buying it you can check them out at their official site here GBMI official


  1. Thanx for the awesome words, thoughts and straight out promo on our music. You definitely Rock! Stay cool, Scott


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