Nader Sadek - Living Flesh

An incredible live performance from NYC November 20 2011. Featuring some of the best talent in the death metal underground. Steve Tucker on vocals, Novy (Ex-Vader/Behemoth), Flo Mounier on Drums, Rune Erickson on guitars, art concepts and direction by Nader Sadek. With a line up like that, this is bound to be an imprint in the metal world for years to come. Re:Awakening begins our journey into the dark realms, captivating our inner physic. Nigredo in Necromance, a haunting bass line leading us into black oblivion a raw impression of sadistic manifestation. Suffer, slams in with some interesting drum dynamics taking us on a madness of speed on guitars. Mechanic Adolatry, this track is a clear definition of what the artist Nader Sadek is envisioning with the music -a fusion of oil based society and mechanical technology erasing the very existence of  humanity. The track is by far one of my favorites on this live performance, looking forward to listening to full production coming February 27th. Soulless is another furious track, we can hear the drums attacking with great velocity and precision that only Flo can accomplish, very impressive as always, there are some demonic chants over the vocals at times that will shriek through your spine and stay burnt into your brain without even realizing it. The arrangement on Soulless is unique in a way that you never know exactly where the riffs are leading you but end up being brutal and well stitched technical composition. Rusted Skin is a drum solo, we can hear the level of experience on this track, well thought out rhythms, clear and precise technique, the hits never loose timing, a very solid performer.
Of this Flesh, brutal and crushing, double kicks drive this beast, the vocals are chilling, raw, deep yet clear enough to understand the lyrical content, the chorus line features some female vocals that hit a high range without distorting the song and giving it a distinct feel. Petrophilia is the last song on this album, touching on the oil/mechanical/greed aspect of things expressed through raw death metal performed by talented musicians in the craft. Lets consider for a moment that this is a live performance and I did not hear one mistake, that is incredible in itself, along with the artistical concepts (Nader Sadek) that brought these entities together, you will want to purchase this live performance and upcoming release later this month.

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