Memoir Of A Massacre - Images

Images, is the upcoming release from the band Memoir of a Massacre, hailing from Virginia Beach, VA. The opening track is "Nothing Left" my first impression is, wow- great production, drums are very solid and involved. Vocals are vicious and relentless, you can also hear a mix of clean and heavy in the chorus part of this song, I really dig the unexpected melodic ending. Next up is "Push To Break" excellent double kick work, Brittany Yarnell foot work is impressive and highlighted on this track. MOAM is a four piece band and got their start 2008. The first release was an untitled EP which gained them lots of attention and radio play. House of The Wicked has some cool snare fills in the chorus, I can see this track starting lots of action in the mosh pit in a live setting. "Paranoid Suicide" if you want to hear chunky and aggressive guitar riffs this track will have you brutalizing. Rachel Scott and Ryan Baggett have good chemistry together in their playing styles, both are able to stay tight and still be recognizable in their individual techniques, this is clearly heard in the track "Possession". The band has been on tour and have share the stage with Powerman 5000, Silent Civilian, Diecast and others. Being a fresh band and highly talented, its my opinion they will reach much higher ground in the coming years. You can preview thier EP "Images" on their Soundcloud site Memoir of a Massacre SoundCloud  Look for the new EP - due out March 5 2013 on Project Records.

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