Divine Silence - Promise You

The album starts with a track called Away, the vocals grab my attention and once the deeper vocal track comes in I can hear a Paradise Lost influence to this, for some reason I am also reminded of old Amorphis style vox like the ones heard on Privilege to Evil. The female vocal tracks are performed by Anastasia Pazana and on track two it features Tiffany Avdalas both are very skilled in their style and mixes well with the deeper vox which is hard to achieve. Onto "Live or Die" guitars are heavy but not so much that obscures any other instruments is a well mix between arrangements, I enjoy the bass line right in the middle, sounds clear and precise very memorable passage. Novembre starts, its hard to ignore My Dying Bride influence on this album which to me is a very good thing since I am MDB fan. This album was released in 2001 under Dark Wish Productions hailing from New Jersey and are currently a 3 piece band with their last release Tranquil Sorrows back in 2010. Promise You begins with a great riffs its instantly burnt into my mind, I like it very much, the bass lines complimented beautifully. Twilight has clean guitars reminiscent of early Anathema who is another band I like. A Day From You is the final track, overall a good experience to my ears the drums stay in good pulse through out allowing for the rest of the instruments to be well heard and understood. I recommend this album for fans of MDB, Paradise Lost and early Anathema.

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