Epitome of Frail - Society

The album begins with an eerie intro, melodic keys and this leads us into "This Is Not Humanity" dual vocals high to low, make an impressive combo. "Love Long Gone" guitars do some interesting triplet work which give the riffs a unique feel. The band has been creating their brand of death metal since 2001. They also have a demo The Art of Being Frail 2004, full length Apocalypse 2006, full length Leaving the Past Behind 2007. The current album is called Society and is most definitely a testament to their progression in writing brutal, intense and well thought death metal. "Father" is next up, catchy riffs, intense dynamics. Indiction, is much different sounds like a mad ride in outer space, still very cool. No Answers, drums blaze in with enormous intensity, no doubt the mosh pit starter in a live situation, this is followed by grove like riffs and then a sweet solo to even out the brutality. Desire of the Cursed, a display of complex guitar work, very involved riffs and song writing. Production quality is superb, capturing all their talent in pure clarity and emotion. If I have to compare them to another band I would have to say Heaven Shall Burn comes to mind. The cover is of a corroding city in any part of the world, like a dying species of people, very fitting for the lyric content. The last song (Society) and title track is awesome, very cool intro and memorable harmonies will make this track the most impressive for me. I highly recommend this album for fans in intense, complex yet melodic death metal.

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