Moonloop - Deeply From The Earth

Progressive DM from Barcelona Spain. Moonloop is ERIC BAULE: Vocals, lead & rhythm guitars, JUANJO MARTÍN: Rhythm guitars & background vocals, RAÚL PAYÁN: Drums, VIC GRANELL: Bass. Deeply From The Earth released in June 2013 under Listenable Records. "Awakening The Spirals of Time", is the opening track. Captivating start, when all the instruments chime in, I get a clear understanding of production, it is top notch. "A Live Divided", we get to hear the DM influence in this track, solid guitar riffs with a warm tone. "Beginning of The End", enjoying the arrangements of passages, followed with some good guitar licks. Vocals are mid guttural and have distinct definition. "Fading Faces", this track reminds me of early Gojira in the beginning, we also get some clean vocals which are well executed without the song losing any potency. "Strombus", intense double kick work by Raul on this song, then into some interesting rhythms with synth overlay. "Legacy of Fear", I get the feeling of late nineties style of DM heavy influence for this particular song. "Wailing Road", is different and comes as a nice surprise, somewhat reminds me of The Devin Townsend project but just slightly heavier. "Deceiving Time", a clean guitar progression with lead background and more clean singing that I do not mind since it is well fitting for this composition. "Landscape", back to the heavy, chunky type chords probably would do well in live atmosphere. really impressed by the drums through out this entire album, as they do many different fills and creative arrangements instead of just holding a beat. "Atlantis Rising", complete with splashing sounds as to imaging the rising of the forgotten land, awesome, clean entrance and intriguing mysterious background ambiance, really like what I hear, this slowly builds up into a variety of heavy to clean instrumentation with a solid climatic solo to wrap it all up. Overall found myself exploring many aspects of the album and stayed interested through out without getting bored. I recommend for fans of DM, progressive, melodic, and ambient fans a like.


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