Night Demon - Night Demon

Shadow Kingdom Release of Night Demon EP coming August 20 2013. The title track comes in and instantly transported back in time to the great days of Metal, like early Judas Priest or Savatage. The era is captured in its pure essence and very enjoyable to my ears. "The Chalice", many aspects of the song remind me of Iron Maiden Killers, the sound is pure HM the way it use to be and considering they are only a three piece band that is awesome to hear- specially in an era that has way to many overproduced super complex guitar playing- listening to something like this is very welcoming in my opinion. "Ancient Evil", decent chorus and well sticks in my mind -great track and awesome solo complete with wah wah effect, an instant jam. "Ritual", a solid classic sounding song right from the late 70s style of metal, just a great song to play loud and bang your head to. Members Jarvis Leatherby, Brent Woodward, John Crerar have accomplished capturing the sound of the HM era in all its spirit. The EP will be available in many formats and its worth going to their sites to follow their upcoming shows and other happenings. I recommend for veteran metal fans as well as for the next generation of true Heavy Metal lovers in the vein of early Maiden, Judas priest, Saxon, UFO and many others from that time period.


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