Dichotomy - Paradigms

A five piece Melodic/Technical Death Metal band from Dublin, Ireland. Paradigms is self release album August 14 2013. Members are: Rats ( Guitar), Andrew Kealy (Guitar), Dave Fay (Drums), Neil Coburn (Bass), Kev O’Connor (Vocals). "Empyrean", is the first song. Clean intro riff with a chorus effect. "The Sentient Oppressed", a very solid production, it is evident the guitar players are very talented from the first passages. This song has a very catchy riff right in the middle and it easily sticks in my mind. "All- Seeing Eye", drums are just blazing with incredible precision, the production on the drums is excellent, every hit is accentuated and clear from measure to measure. "Polarity", this song is just devastating, its aggressive nature is like getting smashed in the mosh pit- it slows just enough for you to recover before assaulting you again, one of my favorite tracks to play loud through my stereo.
"No Catharsis", reminiscent of Dying Fetus type of brutality or even some Cannibal Corpse but with a melodic tinge. "Covenant Of The Forsworn", good blend of high and low guttural vocals as well as some open discorded style riffing, this song will have you moving your head and punching things. "Alea lacta Est", clean acoustic passage setting a dark atmosphere and taking us into a deep void of melodies.
"Of Strife Of Discord", slide type of riff with arpeggios sweeping through and excellent way to begin. I really enjoy how involve the guitars are at creating some awesome harmonies at a high rate of speed. Overall, this album is an incredible ride full of melody and brutality merged in perfect arrangement. I recommend for fans of Dying Fetus, Zonaria, Bloodshot Dawn, DM, and tech melodic fans.



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