Maze Of Terror - Skullcrusher EP

Maze Of Terror is a thrash metal band from Lima Peru. Skullcrusher EP was released in 2012. Current members are  LEVIATHAN : Bass & Vocals, HAMMER : Drums, CRIMINAL MIND : Guitars."Damned To The Eternal Pyre", is the first song, raw guitar sound, speed and aggression is felt from the beginning. Vocals are rooted in true thrash metal form like early Anthrax or Slayer. "Hatred and Repression", this song is sure to have many people moshing, solid drum velocity on high octane. We also get some cool dive bombs on the guitar, much reminiscent of Kerry King style of slamming out solos, great song. "Lord of Destruction", starts with a sample that was a bit too long for me. Once the song kicks in we are back to the high speed picking style that originated on the first two songs, although not as strong as the others, there are some killer solos to compensate for it. "Rivals", the level of aggression turned up by ten, the song is just brutal speed and does not let up, would be quite amazing to see what an audience would do if this was unleashed upon them in a live situation. "Run With Death", I rather enjoy the sequence of composition, as it starts with some stop and start fills, then into triplet rhythms that will make most metalheads begin to bang their heads the moment they hear it. The contents sent to me included two bonus live tracks, not sure if the live songs are included on the EP but will write on this as well. "Live Damned To the Eternal", its a bit rough but then again it is a live performance, what is clear to me is that these guys do play fast, I am sure the fans love every minute of it. "Guerreiros De Sata" (Volcano cover) sounds like a good thrasher song with some interesting passages, the solos are cool too. Overall a good EP. I like all the tracks, the live ones are ok but hard to listen to since its a live situation, I still got a good vibe from it. I recommend this EP for fans of Thrash, speed metal like early Slayer, Sepultura, Overkill and Nuclear Assault.


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